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Dance is for everyone!

Dance is a great way to get moving, stay in shape, and create healthy habits. Classes are available for students from 18-months old through adulthood. 

Dance with Me! Ages 18 Months-2 1/2 Years

Every toddler loves to move, shake, jump and sing. Our Dance with Me program is tailored to meet the needs of each and every toddler. Classes focus on developing and enhancing gross motor skills, coordination, participation, auditory control, and creative play. In each 30 minute class, students dance, march, use simple rhythm instruments, sing, and laugh! These classes are process based, and require an adult buddy to participate in the fun! These students participate in a year end recital. Girls wear a leotard & tights, and pink ballet shoes. Boys wear a white t-shirt, black gym shorts, and black ballet shoes. Please note: this class is not offered this season!

Preschool Classes Ages 2 to 4

Our youngest students will love coming to class to move, shake, tap and twirl with our wide variety of preschool classes! We offer several choices for our preschool set including: Princess Ballet, Tap & Ballet, and Acro & Ballet (ages 3-4 only)! Dancers will have a ball as they learn gross and fine motor skills, auditory control, dance technique and more! And dance friends are the BEST! (Parents do not stay in the classroom with students that are ready for this level of dance).

Tap & Ballet Combination, ages 5 & up

Students have the opportunity to sample two exciting styles of dance in this fast paced combination class. Warm ups, barre technique, across the floor, and choreography are all focuses of our tap & ballet combination class. Using the Al Gilbert graded tap curriculum, students learn the rudiments of tap at the barre and in centre floor. Students learn combinations both across the floor and center floor, and learn choreography for a year end recital. During the ballet segment of class, students focus on flexibility, coordination, and pre-ballet curriculum, including some barre work and across the floor segments. Each ballet section is completed with a choreography section. This class is a great class for our young dancers! 

Tap & Jazz Combination Ages 5 & up

If your dancer loves to move, this is the class for him/her! Our 45 minute tap & jazz combinations are fast paced classes that focus on technique, muscle isolations and choreography. During the tap portion of class, students work at the barre and centre floor. Students also work combinations across the floor, and cap off class with a choreography segment in preparation for our year end recital. During jazz students focus on flexibility, muscle isolations, coordination, and extensions. Students learn various styles of jazz, using upbeat, contemporary music. Classes include across the floor sections, and choreography.

Tap Ages 7 & up

For the student that just can't get enough rhythm! Our tap classes use the Al Gilbert graded tap curriculum, including heavy barre work and centre floor combinations. Our students work their chops across the floor and really take class to the next level with more complex staging and choreography during this 45 minute class.

Jazz Ages 7 & up

Using the latest music, students work up quite a sweat in this class! This 45 minute class focuses on flexibility, muscle isolations, combinations, turns, and leaps. Students will sample a variety of jazz styles, including character, Broadway, and street jazz. All students finish off the year with a spectacular recital performance

Hip Hop Ages 5 & up

Learn the latest street stylings in this intense class. Students focus heavily on flexibility, muscle isolations, and choreography. Students learn to pop, lock and groove their way to our year end recital during this 45 minute - 1 hour class.

Ballet & Pointe Ages 8 & up

For the serious dancer, our 60 minute ballet class is a perfect fit. Each class spends a large portion of time at the barre, for technique and flexibility. Students then progress to a centre floor segment, as well as across the floor segments and choreography. Dancers are expected to dress in a strictly enforced dress code of black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and hair in a bun. Our advanced ballet students may train for pre pointe, and then pointe, at which time they dance "en pointe", with special pointe shoes.


For dancers with some ballet and/or jazz classes under their belts, lyrical is a great class! Contemporary music and movement combined with ballet and jazz technique make lyrical a beautiful fusion of technique and movement

Acro, ages 5 & up

Acro is a fantastic combination of strength, flexibility, balancing and tumbling! Dancers love this flexibility/gymnastics/dance fusion class!

The Perfect Fit

With all of our dance classes, you'll be sure to find the perfect class for you. We offer a free trial class any time! Our fall session runs September through May. Our summer session runs June through July. Call today for more information (803) 356-3063.

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