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Pump Up The Volume

Kids love to make noise! Why not learn an instrument in the process?

Music Classes For All

Rhythm, analytical skills, creativity, presentation skills, musicality, listening, precision... music lessons do all this and more for your child. Research shows that children that take even one year of piano lessons test better on analytical portions of standardized tests than children that have no piano instruction. Music is a multi-faceted process that teaches so much- your child will benefit now and as he/she grows into adulthood. Fostering a love of music enriches a child's life from the moment they first touch their instrument. At Rhythmics, we offer a large variety of music lessons for your child to choose from, with highly qualified music instructors that have a love of their instrument and children.

Voice Lessons

Currently, we are not enrolling students. Please check back again soon!

Piano Lessons

Currently, we are not accepting students. Please check back again soon!

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