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Company Dance 

2017-2018 Company Dancers

Congratulations to our company members. All decisions are final, if you have any questions please contact Blake via email. All company instructors will be unable to answer any questions regarding company placement.

Tempo Company

Addison Fenchel

Hailey Hall

Claire Kurka

Emma Jean Logsdon

Maddie McClain

Kennedy McKellar

Rilyn Quick

Josie Reynolds

Josie Sharpe

Kyleigh Sharpe

Paislee Shumpert

Rhythm Company

(These dancers will dance 4-6 hours per week. Please come to the parent meeting for more information)

Addison Amaker

Izzy Blevins (alternate)

Caitlyn Churchwell

Kalisyn Deese

Leta Dotson

Destiny Frye

Alison Kurka

Danya Lester

Lila Lester

Cloe McAbee

Chelsea Mason

Emily Mathias

Isabel Owens (alternate)

Tyler Palfrey

Avery Poole

Paige Poole

Abbi Platt

Camilla Pugh

Elizabeth Ragan

Miyah Simmons

Jessica Slapnik

Emily Stroman

Emma Kate Strock

Amelia Joy Willis

Rhythm Elite

(These dancers will be dancing 7 plus hours a week. Please come to the parent meeting for more information)

Hailey Alderson

Madi Ball

Kaitlyn Berger

Katherine Cyrus

Ellie Fisher

Kaylee Fisher

Gracie Hewitt

Addison Mathias

Lexi Mathias

Mattie McGee

Marikatherine Pullie

McKenzie Sanders

Molly Smith


For students that can't get enough dance, we offer performance and competition companies. Our companies perform throughout the community, at various festivals, parades, and events.  Some companies even compete in regional and national competitions.  Company dancers take ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern and hip hop classes, as well as tumbling.  

Tempo Company

This company will offer a less time-intensive commitment for dancers that are not quite sure if they are ready for Rhythm Company.  These students will dance  2 hours weekly and will be eligible for optional classes.  They will also be offered a variety of performance opportunities including the Christmas parade!

Rhythm Company

Rhythm Company are a great opportunity.  Dancers take class 4+ hours weekly,  and have many performance & competition opportunities.  They also participate in a variety of master classes, conventions, and/or dance-related trips.  Rhythm Company is an excellent place for the dancer who is disciplined, self-motivated, and loves to share his/her love of dance with others. 

If you would like more information regarding our companies, please call us at (803) 356.-3063.